The round glasses

Made legendary by many characters such as Coluche, John Lennon or more recently Harry Potter...

Round glasses , forgotten for twenty years, are making a comeback. Many manufacturers and fashion brands have brought them up to date in their optical or sunglasses collections.

Time travel


This form of mount is the oldest. In the Middle Ages, they certainly had no branches and were called "spectacles", they were 2 connected metal circles. They were mainly worn by monks when working on manuscripts. This shape was abandoned in favor of the oval around the 18th century to return with the sixties and the hippie movement.
To wear round glasses is to assume responsibility; whether they are in metal or acetate, they are noticeable and can become clown glasses, grandmother's glasses, baba-cool glasses... depending on how they are worn. They are often synonymous with gaiety, humor, sympathy and are ideal for an offbeat look.
This type of frame is recommended for angular, square or rectangular faces that you want to soften. On the other hand, they are to be avoided for round faces since they accentuate the curves by recalling childhood and giving a “baby” impression. You have to be careful to choose them well because if they are too big, they can give a “fly” effect!


The John Lennon Myth

A perfect mount

This shape of frame can accommodate all corrections: myopia, astigmatism, presbyopia… this year, we discover in the new collections many models in metal, acetate and combining the 2 materials.

Some round glasses

We offer you some super trendy models of round glasses in metal or acetate; all these models can be declined in anti-blue light glasses for 18-40 year olds with anti-fatigue lenses or in reading glasses for presbyopes after 45 years with hardened, anti-blue light or solar proximity lenses.