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Varionet team is a combination of knowledge and expertise.

Our team consists of five different professions: Optics, Web, Management, Commerce and Communication.
Our assembly shop:
All our glasses are equipped by choice glass and mounted in a French professional editing studio.
Our logistics service:
Each order is supported and prepared by AEP care so that you receive promptly your glasses carefully packaged.
  • Why not? Just like your clothes, shoes, books ...
  • Home delivery, no travel needed, saving time and money ;
  • Competitive prices: bulk purchasing, good price negotiation with suppliers
  • Quality glasses and frames: on average 4x cheaper than traditional optical network
  • No personal managements; no goodwill; no deductible or central purchasing to pay ... in conclusion much less loads that allow us to have competitive prices for quality products.
  • Unlike many sites selling optical line, we are not investors but a combination of knowledge: two Opticians in different and complementary backgrounds, a manager, a computer expert and a beauty/fashion one.
  • Follow the evolution of society, the world of optics and eyewear: a few clicks you switch easily control and choose the place of delivery.
  • Competitive prices: we sell our own products, glasses (sliding scale and rest) and frames
  • Our lenses are manufactured and surfaced in France
  • Specialized in computer glasses: we offer glasses for screen work, single vision lenses for emmetropes of 18-39.
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