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The Varionet innovation is its simplicity, which allows you to buy your presbyopic glasses without prescription.

In addition, the Varionet technology allows you to have a close vision as clear as intermediate vision unlike glasses you find in pharmacy.
For 99% of presbyopia, the vision deteriorates programmed manner, and is made the human eye.
Each age group has his diopter which will ensure a clear vision and comfort for everyone.
18 to 39 years: computer glasses without correction glasses that protect you from screens.
40 to 45 years: +1.00 presbyopic glasses
45 to 55 years: +1.50 presbyopic glasses
50 to 55 years: +2.00 presbyopic glasses
55 to 60 years: +2.50 presbyopic glasses
60 to 65 years: +3.00 presbyopic glasses