Why eye protection glasses?

For many activities, it is advisable to wear protective glasses: pruning, sanding, painting, welding... people without visual problems put on eye protectors without corrections easily. On the other hand, the others, generally, keep their glasses and damage them! Hence the interest of pre-assembled safety glasses for near vision presbyopes or Varionet prescription safety glasses.

All our safety glasses preserve your eyes and your sight from the dangers that surround you during your working days, at home during gardening or renovation work... In addition, our glasses are available with different types of treatment (sun, anti -fog, anti-reflective) and lenses (progressive, decreasing lenses, etc.)

Safety glasses are intended to protect workers' eyes . For these to be effective, they must be the right combination of ophthalmic lenses of adequate resistance, polycarbonate lenses and a frame with the aim of protecting the eyes in any situation. All meeting EN166FT CE safety standards

When they are used permanently by a person requiring a pair of glasses, they can be manufactured as safety glasses in view . Take into account that the obligation to wear glasses permanently in laboratories or in any position is very common, and this to require good vision and excellent protection.