You've been wearing progressive glasses for years and you're fed up? Do you work on a screen and have neck pain with your progressive lenses? Have you been wearing them for a while and can't get used to them? Or do you need some but you don't want to take the plunge?

We have an answer to your problem: Degressive glasses !

Varionet opticians have developed a "new technology" lens: a decreasing lens that allows you to find clear near vision BUT also intermediate vision and at low prices!

An ideal innovation for all presbyopes of all ages .

Varionet lens technology for presbyopia

The mid-distance Varionet lens allows you to find an evolutionary vision of a high quality.

In fact, the result of research carried out by French opticians and researchers, the technology of Varionet lenses for presbyopes makes it possible to combine both near vision for detailed work, reading, DIY, etc., but also high intermediate vision. quality (ideal for working in front of a screen, playing board games, etc.).

In addition, with their wide and scalable vision zones, the Varionet lens offers absolute comfort and great precision . As you will have understood, Varionet reading glasses are a very good alternative to progressive glasses for presbyopes after 40 years.

Degressive glasses

Frames from top brands at bargain prices!

In addition to offering new technology proximity lenses, we provide you with frames from major brands such as Ray Ban , Calvin Klein , Versace , Arrow , Tom Ford , Dior at exceptional prices (up to -70%). All of these goggles have the perfect features for mounting degressive lenses. In addition you can choose:

  • degressive reading glasses with an anti-blue light treatment for more sharpness and contrast while avoiding visual fatigue
  • G15, grey-green digressive solar reading glasses for reading, DIY or gardening in complete serenity and without being dazzled!