Welcome to Varionet.com!

One small step for Varionet, one giant leap for optics!

This Thursday, March 3, Varionet is unveiling to the public its new site, which has already been available in beta version for certain users for several weeks.

This new site marks the scale of our ambitions:

  • A redesigned design from the ground up
  • A .com domain that strengthens our international presence: Varionet is present in more than 15 countries in Europe!
  • Simplified navigation allowing users to find the glasses of their dreams even more easily
  • All possible means of payment: Credit card, Paypal, Check, bank transfer.
  • Even more products available: More than 300 frames are available at Varionet at Gold prices!
  • A site two to three times faster, because no one should wait to see clearly.
  • Health / fashion info updated several times a week.

Through this new site, our ambition is to affirm our position as a leader in online optics, to evolve with new technologies and to offer all our users the best in terms of price, of optical innovation and experience.

The entire Varionet team has worked very hard for long weeks to offer you this brand new experience, which we hope will meet your expectations.

Note to long-time users: In order to provide you with this brand new experience, we have unfortunately been unable to maintain the history of your user accounts.
We invite you to re-create an account today, it only takes a few seconds, and you will have direct access to our promotions reserved for Varionet members.

We wish you all happy shopping, and once again welcome to Varionet.com!