The anti-fatigue lens, which filters out 30% of harmful artificial blue light, developed by MAVU opticians has attracted the interest of many bloggers.

Indeed they are constantly looking for new concepts and products and were delighted to be able to test the Varionet computer glasses.

Interests of anti-fatigue glasses

Computer glasses for 18/39 year olds equipped with a blue light filter perfectly meet the needs of bloggers who are constantly in front of digital screens, mainly computers, tablets and smartphones.

Such an innovation allows them to work long hours in front of screens while being protected from harmful artificial blue light which causes many harmful effects:

  • Headache
  • Red and itchy eyes
  • Stiff neck
  • Loss of concentration at the end of the day

Anti-fatigue glasses and blogger reviews


“We are all the same, we spend way too much time on our screens: computers, televisions, smartphones, … they mean harm to your eyes! I'm sure that in the evening you go home looking tired, with sore eyes and even headaches. I was lucky enough to be able to use these glasses. They are comfortable, rather pretty (even though I really don't have a face with glasses) and I really felt the difference. »


“Between the PC, the tablet, the smartphone and the TV, it's aggression on aggression. The eyes sting, turn red, migraines are added to it. What happiness! So, it's been months that I have to go to consult but the delays for the appointments have completed my motivation. If, like me, you're the killjoy and you think that 30% is nothing, test it, and we'll talk about it! I sincerely see the difference, and yet I still don't have the reflex to put them on every time. »


“We are not all affected by vision problems, and by extension, by wearing glasses! However, even if our eyesight does not necessarily require correction strictly speaking, I am sure that you too have already experienced the little hassles associated with the misuse of smartphones and computers: Your eyes are tight, your neck is stiffens, your head is heavy... in short, the migraine sets in for a while! But I have the solution: computer glasses »

You too, come and discover our anti-blue light computer glasses and enjoy a satisfied or refunded service within 30 days!