Match your frame to your face shape

Choosing the right shape for your reading glasses means choosing the model that best matches the morphology of your face.

Round face : If you have a round face, we advise you to opt for a narrow and angular frame.

Oval face : Do you have an oval face? Well, you can wear all frame styles, your morphology allows it!

Triangular face: Your face is triangular in shape, we advise you to try rounded and thin frames.

Rectangular face : Is your face shape more rectangular or elongated? So opt for trendy and original shapes like the cat's eye or the butterfly shape.

Square face: Is your face rather square? We offer narrow frames, preferably round or “pantos”.

Diamond face : Is your face shape diamond or diamond? Then the wide and square, butterfly, cat's eye models are for you.

trendy computer bezel

Choose the color of your frame carefully

You can choose the color of your frame according to your tastes, but we advise you to choose a color that matches your complexion.

Also opt for a little color, it's very trendy and it can bring joy to your face (fashionable colors: Navy blue, burgundy red, coral, dark purple).

The white/black combination or even colors such as brown scales or gray are timeless.

Adopt a frame that matches your clothing style

It is important to choose the style and brand of your frame according to your style!

Classic : it is necessary to choose a frame that remains timeless such as the Ray-Ban RB5228 .

Casual : you can opt for a trendy pair like an acetate frame from the American brand Arrow .

Fashion : choose stylish glasses, very trendy in pantos , round or pilot shape.

You will find your happiness in the brands Versace , Calvin Klein , Ray-Ban or why not Dior!

Vary the frames according to your mood

If you have several mounts you can vary according to your state of mind of the day. This will allow you to vary your style and reinvent yourself every day.

Protect and maintain your reading glasses

In order to protect your equipment and make it last, remember to store your reading glasses in their case when you are not wearing them.

To clean them, choose your microfiber delivered with your pair of glasses as well as the cleaning spray or the Varionet disinfectant wipes.

Above all, do not wipe them with a paper towel, this could scratch them.