During the last school holidays, a "visual screening" break was offered to you in the Jura on the A39 motorway; Operation carried out in partnership by AsnaV , the Victor Bérard de Morez high school and the Jura eyewear makers.

2nd year students supervised by their teachers welcomed you for this free and quick screening; 5 minutes only is enough.

As one of the professors of physiological optics explained to us, these screening operations aim to make drivers aware of the dangers associated with a lack of visual acuity.

It is also a mission of prevention by checking if all the visual capacities are satisfactory for long hours of road. Many of us don't have a responsible attitude behind the wheel; we know that around 20% of the population have an uncorrected or poorly corrected visual defect and that 30% do not wear their glasses while driving!

Thanks to Essilor's Ergovision device (sophisticated equipment for a complete eye exam adapted to everyone), students will test not only visual acuity but also several other visual functions that can compromise driving safety for themselves or others:

  • View of relief
  • Visual field estimation
  • Distance estimation
  • Vision of contrasts
  • Color vision
  • Glare recovery function…

All the visual abilities necessary for driving are checked; having good visual acuity is essential to see obstacles, signs... correctly estimating distances makes it possible to anticipate overtaking, a wide and unimpaired field of vision is essential for maneuvering, parking...

Depending on the results of the various tests, a complete medical check-up by an ophthalmologist will be suggested.

This operation mainly welcomes drivers and more or less young accompanying persons (teenagers) are also welcome. They will then be offered different tests: looking for visual defects, astigmatism, convergence, etc.

Interesting operation for all: too bad it is not carried out everywhere in France...

visual screening

visual screening

visual screening