For several months it has been the madness of round glasses , in sunglasses or in sight, they are everywhere and on the noses of all the stars!

Do they remind you of the madness of the sixties and you never thought of seeing them again? Well know that round glasses have never been so fashionable since the beginning of 2016 and on Vario net we offer several models at breathtaking prices!

Round glasses by Calvin-Klein

You probably all know the famous, very refined and sophisticated brand Calvin Klein , a brand that offers very beautiful pieces but often far too expensive to obtain them.

On the Vario net online store you will find two magnificent models of round glasses, one black and one gray that fit perfectly at more than advantageous prices: 99.90 and 99.99€ frame + lenses only instead of 199 ,99€! A nice saving of 100€!

In Black/Grey or gray crystal color, These two models have been made from quality materials such as acetate , they are light and very pleasant to wear.

Calvin Klein black glasses


Gray Calvin Klein glasses


In addition, they can be fitted with Cool Blue lenses, anti-blue light lenses or Vario net proximity lenses.

Round glasses by Vintage

As its name " Vintage " suggests, the glasses offered by this brand are reminiscent of the famous shapes of the 50s, 60s and 80s!

To stick to this article and to offer you round glasses, we have selected two pairs, one very round and narrow and the other rather wide and oval ! Two unisex must-haves at €89.90 instead of €199!

Round and narrow vintage model

Wide and oval vintage model

These two very original models can be equipped with Cool Blue lenses, anti harmful artificial blue light as well as decreasing lenses for presbyopes aged 45 and over .