SMS a danger for vision

It is estimated nearly 180 billion the number of text messages sent each year in France. An alarming figure when you know that a teenager sends 2500 text messages per month , on average 83 messages per day . Today, 53% say they make very few calls “Texting is the best way to be able to communicate all the time” words of a young teenager appeared in Le Figaro.

Danger SMS

The consequences of harmful artificial blue light

Sending text messages is like staring for several seconds or even minutes at a small screen giving off a strong harmful artificial blue light. Spending time in front of it makes it harder to see at the end of the day , causes headaches, backaches, a stiff neck, and even itchy or watery red eyes.
Prolonged viewing on this type of screen in the evening also disrupts the sleep clock and causes irritability and loss of concentration the next day. In order to protect yourself from these very embarrassing ailments, it is important to adopt simple gestures.
– Avoid using your phone or any other screens after 9 p.m.
 Wear a pair of anti-fatigue glasses in front of the screens even when sending sms
- Limit the use of screens

Opt for a pair of cool blue glasses

Anti-fatigue glasses with “Cool Blue” treatment allow emmetropic people (having no vision problem) or wearers of corrective lenses to protect themselves from the harmful effects of screens. Indeed, thanks to a revolutionary treatment, the glasses filter on average 30% of artificial blue light which allows to find a clear, pleasant vision and to avoid the evils at the end of the day.
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