Optics and sports and leisure equipment

Sports glasses

Everyone has their own sport, hobby and appropriate equipment.
You practice high-level sport or out of passion at the weekend and you are looking for a pair of glasses or a suitable mask ? Well know that it exists. In physical stores and even on the net, there are opticians specialized in the field of sport such as the online store: http://www.opticien-du-sport.com
Opticians will help you choose suitable equipment your favorite sport and your requirements.

The number of athletes in France continues to increase

Today, 64% of French people practice a sporting activity at least once a week : Running, mountain biking, swimming, shooting... Concerning the annual expenses of the French, these amount to approximately 230€ per person. Figures which are constantly increasing and which prove that the French have a very healthy lifestyle.
Faced with such results and in order to offer products adapted to this rapidly growing market, opticians have decided to specialize in this sector: Sports optics.
Today, it is therefore very easy to find sports equipment adapted to your eyesight and your sport.

Optical equipment adjusted to your needs

Mountaineering, football, motocross, horse riding, cycling… It is possible to equip yourself with a pair of glasses which will protect you from external aggressions while correcting your sight if you have a correction. A great step forward for people who were embarrassed by their vision when practicing their favorite sport. For people without visual defects, you can choose sunglasses with polarized lenses

Presbyopic and handyman?

You do not play sports but you are over the age of 45 years old and tinkering becomes more and more difficult for you ? You will find on the site www.varionet.com a pair of  Varionet Safety glasses which will allow you to find clear near and intermediate vision for your work that requires precision and meticulousness.