Safety glasses on the front page of Télé matin

In a column in the morning of France 2 dedicated to technology and novelties, William Leymergie tries out a Varionet Safety.

These proximity glasses are intended for presbyopic people who do DIY. These allow you to regain clear vision thanks to the different degrees of presbyopia correction (up to 3.50) while protecting your eyes.

DIY magnifying glasses Varionet Safety

Are you over 40 and have trouble reading a manual when you work? Varionet Safety DIY glasses are made for you.

Indeed after 40 years most people suffer from presbyopia, reading or seeing up close becomes more difficult. These reading glasses provide you with visual comfort thanks to different levels of correction and allow you to work in complete safety.

They will bring you great precision as well as optimal protection. French Varionet proximity lens technology gives you clear near and intermediate vision.

You find the comfort of a wide field of vision.

The Télé matin team won over by Varionet glass technology

During a daily Télé matin, Wiliam Leymergie, curious, discovers our Varionet Safety glasses. For this first use, it is a real discovery for the presbyopic animator who testifies to the effectiveness of the lenses and seems surprised by the Varionet technology; technology that provides clear vision in all circumstances.

Indeed, classic magnifying glasses or single-focal lenses do not allow you to see clearly beyond 40 cm. Glasses that convinced the entire Télé matin team. You can find them in our "DIY magnifying glasses" tab.