Find the right glasses for your face shape

Lots of frames catch your eye? Very big ones, very small ones but you don't know which one is made for you? We will try to give you advice so that you can find the frame that will enhance your face.

Round face :
If you have a rounded face, we advise you to opt for a narrow and angular frame.

Oval face :
Do you have an oval face? Well, you can wear all styles of glasses, your morphology allows it!

Triangular face :
Your face is triangular in shape, we advise you to try rounded and thin frames.

Rectangular face :
Is your face shape more rectangular or elongated? So opt for trendy and original shapes like the cat's eye or the butterfly shape.

Square face :
Your face is rather square? We offer narrow eyeglasses, preferably round or panto glasses .

Diamond face :
Is your face shape rhombus or diamond? Then the wide and square, butterfly, cat's eye models are for you.

Good choice of glasses on Varionet!