Varionet Safety sunglasses in sight

You are probably familiar with Varionet Safety , you have heard about it on television, in the press, on the internet or in stores! But do you know the solar Varionet Safety ? It's new ! It's the same technology (decreasing glass for presbyopia) but with category 3 tinted glass for visual comfort during various outdoor jobs.

The Varionet Safety range for presbyopia aged 45 and over

From the age of 40, near sight becomes more and more difficult, it is a natural phenomenon to be taken into consideration for handymen, masons, gardeners... and for all people carrying out detailed work. Varionet has been offering “Varionet Safety” do-it-yourself goggles for several years now. These are equipped with the new Varionet technology digressive glass for presbyopes over 45 years old. These glasses offer clear vision from 30 cm to more than 1 meter and they provide effective protection against shocks and projections! The Varionet Safety range offers 6 levels of correction (in clear or solar glass) for the visual comfort of all generations.

The Varionet Safety in sight and in sunglasses

When the good weather arrives or in the summer, it is more and more difficult to tinker or garden outdoors, you are dazzled, you have visual discomfort which can lead to an accident... This is why Varionet offers you equip your DIY glasses with category 3 tinted lenses for your sight . Because sight is life, protect it!