Children and screens

They were all born with the internet and from an early age use dad's phone to play games or even mum's tablet to watch cartoons! However , do you know that the artificial blue light given off by screens is very harmful to their organism? Through this article, discover the different risks associated with blue light as well as our brand new equipment specially designed for children : The "Cool Blue +" computer glasses with the MOST POWERFUL lens on the optical market.

Screens: The risks for children

We note several risks to prolonged and repetitive exposure to screens:

- Dysregulation of the sleep clock

- Loss of concentration

- Memory depletion

- Nervousness

- Obesity

- Various very disturbing ailments (headache, backache, stiff neck, red eyes, etc.)

Good practices to protect children from the dangers of screens

To reduce the risks of artificial blue light on children's health and organism, here are some tips:

- Avoid exposing babies up to 3 years old to blue light from screens

- Reduce exposure to screens in young children to 2h/day

- Avoid installing children's games on the tablet/smartphone

- If they have glasses in their view, opt for anti-reflective treatment.

- For children with no vision problems, choose a pair of "Cool blue + " anti-blue light glasses, its lenses filter almost 100% of this harmful artificial blue light released by digital screens.

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