Wearing protective equipment for caregivers

For health professionals, personal protective equipment has become essential , even vital , with the health crisis that has lasted for 2 years. Medical personnel are on the front line to care for those affected and limit the spread of disease. Protective masks , gloves , caps and safety glasses with or without correction are effective means for optimal protection of caregivers.


Why do healthcare professionals need to wear protective eyewear?

Health professionals are in almost permanent contact with sick people suffering from various pathologies and thus become the population most exposed to viruses, bacteria, etc. This is why wearing facial and eye protection is necessary to protect patients. mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and mouth, especially during actions with the risk of splashing droplets of blood, saliva or various body fluids. Protective goggles are also useful for protecting the ocular mucous membranes and eyelids from splashes of chemical products. They prevent burns or irritation of the eyelids whose skin is very thin and guarantee your eye health.

Which goggles to choose?

At Varionet, we offer you high-quality eye protection glasses that meet the various needs of healthcare professionals in the workplace: hospital reception, doctor in office, cardiac surgeon...

Depending on your activity, you will choose:

You were looking for safety glasses in your view that will protect you for long hours in the operating room or during your consultations, look no further!

Varionet Safety safety glasses are designed to work comfortably. Made of polycarbonate, they are very light with wide lenses offering an optimal field of vision and good eye protection. These glasses are equipped with temples that can be adjusted in length and inclination for a better fit on your face. These frames are adaptable according to the visual needs of each one. Whether you are nearsighted, astigmatic, farsighted or presbyopic, we can meet your needs. Thus finished the over-glasses which slip on your progressive glasses in the operating room!