video eyes

The modern life in which we live every day we are confronted with many screens , television, computers, laptops, tablets not to mention video games which represent a significant part of the time spent in front of the screen.

The benefits of video games

According to , playing video games could do our bodies a favor:

  • This would improve the perception of nuances by 58%
  • Would ease the pain
  • Would improve accuracy
  • Would increase the speed of execution
  • Allows you to make decisions faster
  • Increase reflexes
  • Would increase spacious landmarks
  • Would make visual acuity dynamic

Some numbers

The average age of gamers is 30 years old, those over 35 would be those who buy the most video games. The average of time spent playing would be 6:00 p.m. per week. For a "Gamer Addict" the average is between 24h00 and 30h00.

The dangers of video games for vision

It's not video games that are bad for the eyes, it's blue light emissions given off by screens that cause unpleasant ailments individuals such as back pain, neck pain, stiff neck, itchy eyes and migraines. It is important for Gamers to be well equipped, to take breaks and to have a good posture in front of the screens so as not to suffer from these ailments which can harm their health and prevent them from playing.

Varionet protects the eyes of gamers

Varionet offers anti-blue light gaming glasses specially designed for Gamers equipped with anti-reflective lenses and a slight tint, they filter part of the blue light and allow players to find a real visual well-being . Thanks to the lens technology and with light frames, Gamers will be able to spend long hours with their favorite video game in total comfort.