Hugo Boss, a brand synonymous with design and quality

A little history :

Hugo Ferdinand Boss , born in 1885, founded his company, a clothing workshop in 1924 south of Stuttgart in Germany. An activist in the National Socialist German Workers' Party since 1931, he supplied military clothing and uniforms to the Third Reich. Died in 1948, his son-in-law took over the company. This continued and really developed in the 1970s with the creation of high-quality ready-to-wear clothing for men. The Hugo Boss brand will truly make itself known by sponsoring various sporting events: golf, F1, tennis... Björn Borg is one of its ambassadors. In the 1980s, the company was listed on the stock exchange and Valentino Fashion Group became its main shareholder in 1991. Hugo Boss diversified: women's fashion, accessories, jewelry, perfumes... and glasses . Hugo Boss glasses were born in 1997, still manufactured today by the Italian Safilo .

Hugo Boss glasses:
The Boss collection of optical or solar glasses for men and women is bold, modern and of the highest quality. Hugo Boss eyeglass frames represent masculine style with precise craftsmanship. With their exceptional comfort, you can wear these frames for office work as well as for doing sports on the weekend.
The Hugo Boss optical range presents a wide variety of shapes and sizes of glasses to suit all faces and to match your wardrobe.

The advantages of Hugo Boss reading glasses selected by Varionet:

  • Elegant, lightweight, practical and easy-to-adjust frames
  • Metal glasses with clean lines
  • A design synonymous with know-how, quality and technique
  • Various materials: acetate, Optyl , aluminum, titanium, stainless steel for strong and durable glasses.
  • Timeless colors and shapes, design and fashion with beautiful finishes.

    Varionet offers you safe values ​​to wear as multi-distance reading glasses , anti-blue light glasses or solar reading glasses with our Varionet gray photochromic digressive lenses (lenses that darken in the sun).
    Hugo Boss computer glasses come with a branded case and a cleaning microfiber.