Sight is life, October 13 World Sight Day

Today, October 13, 2016 , is World Sight Day! A day dedicated to preventing blindness and improving sight. This event exists since 1998 and is composed of different actions:

- Collection of glasses

- Screening for visual disorders/diabetes

- Promotion of educational programs

- Information on everything related to sight

All with the aim of increasing public awareness of the prevention and treatment of visual loss.

Take advantage of your optical equipment at -20% on the occasion of World Sight Day

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- At your sight via a prescription

- With “Varionet” lenses to correct presbyopia ! You will choose between 6 diopters depending on your age. The Varionet lens will give you clear vision up close but also at an intermediate distance.

- With glasses without computer correction for 17/39 year olds , ideal for protecting against the harmful artificial blue light given off by digital screens: telephone, computer, tablet, e-reader, smartphone.

- With cool blue + lenses for children from 4 years old , the most powerful anti-blue light computer lens on the market that will effectively protect your children's eyesight.

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