Visual relaxation exercises: Simple gestures to rest your eyes

After long hours spent in front of the screens, we regularly feel a feeling of eyestrain . Our eyes are not designed to stay staring for many hours, which is why it is important to practice relaxation exercises to rest them.

The different steps to rest your eyesight

To rest your eyesight, just do some daily exercises . These are very easy to make and can be done in the office, at home, at school… Just sit down and have a few minutes .

Place the palms of the hands in front of the eyes

For this exercise it is recommended to be seated comfortably. Then place the palms of your hands on your eyes, the darkness must be total, breathe deeply and slowly for one or two minutes then remove your hands.

The 4 directions

Calmly, this exercise will allow you to relax your eyes. Look in all 4 directions as far as possible for two or three seconds. Repeat the exercise several times. Be careful, only your eyes should move.

Orbit massage

Massage the area below your eyebrows, from the top of your nose to the edge of the eyelid, using circular movements.

Relaxation of sight

Stand up straight, place one of your arms in front of you and raise your thumb. Then fix your arm, thumb and nose then 2 other objects in the room. Fixate each point in turn while breathing slowly and deeply then look straight ahead as far as possible for a few seconds.

Accommodation exercise

Place your right index finger at the level of your eye (about 20 cm) then put the left 15 cm behind the right. Fix the right index then the left index for 1 minute.

Prevent dry eye

Look straight ahead in the distance, relax your muscles. Open and close your eyes up to 20 times. It is important to relax well during the whole exercise.