A few words about blue light

Every day, we spend more time in front of various digital tools: at work on PCs, in the metro and transport with our phones or at home with the computer and tablets and all under LED lamps. The hours pass and we submit our eyes to blue light rays and parasitic reflections emitted by the screens; these cause many ailments (migraine, itchy eyes, back pain, etc.). According to numerous medical studies, these disorders come from the blue light HEV (High Energy Visible) which is emitted by the LED lights of digital screens. This blue light is the most harmful of the light spectrum and causes long-term damage to the eye and vision.

The problems of artificial light on the body

In addition to blurring vision and creating hard-to-manage ailments, blue light disrupts the sleep cycle. Indeed if you read on a tablet/reader in the evening before going to bed, it will prevent you from falling asleep, which will cause you: Difficult night, fatigue, irritability and difficulty concentrating the next day...

 The solution to fight effectively: The “Cool Blue” treatment

However, there are ways to reduce these harmful effects on our vision and our body and improve our well-being: reduce the use of our telephones, computer, television, tablet and equip ourselves with an accessory that will effectively fight against that harmful blue light.

Varionet opticians have understood that it is almost impossible to live without this technology which accompanies us and makes our daily life easier. That's why they developed the "Cool Blue" glass. Computer glasses equipped with this high-performance anti-reflective block artificial blue light from screens and UV rays. Thanks to its design, the Cool Blue™ anti-blue light glasses allow you to regain visual comfort and work in complete serenity.

You will find the Cool Blue™ treatment onrest glasses for 18-39 year olds or on reading glasses for presbyopes after 40-45 years old.