The legendary Ray-Ban glasses: a bit of history...

Ray-Ban is an eyewear brand created in 1937 by the American company Bausch & Lomb. At the request of an aviator, Lieutenant Macready, “protective, panoramic and enveloping” aviator glasses equipped with the amazing G15 solar lens have been developed. After the creation of the “ Aviator ” model, commissioned by the US Air Force in 1936, Ray-Ban glasses were immediately adopted by the US army. Many models are then produced keeping the innovative spirit of the brand round metal glasses , the famous Round , glasses in acetate and metal like the illustrious Clubmaster or acetate glasses, the Wayfarer. The brand counts among its most famous muses the Blues Brothers, but also Tom Cruise and Amelia Earhart.

amelia earhart ray ban glasses

But beyond muses, Ray-Ban also has a large number of celebrity fans: Madonna, Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, Jude Law, Rihanna, Brad Pitt... the list goes on! Ray-Ban glasses were initially made in the United States, but since the takeover of the brand by the Italian manufacturer Luxottica , the world's No. 1 eyewear manufacturer, in 1987, they are made in Italy, Milan or China, Brazil depending on the models and the final destinations. Nevertheless, the collections retain an American-inspired imprint.

Ray-Ban computer glasses for everyone

Very quickly the brand was able to impose itself to become the essential glasses for everyone : men, women, young people, wide or narrow faces, everyone can find the pair of Ray-Ban glasses that suits them.

At Varionet we regularly offer you new Ray-Ban frames. At the moment you can choose classic Pilote anti-light glasses RB 6489 , reading glasses RB 6404 with a reworked and current design with decreasing lenses or Round computer glasses RB 3447

Ray-Ban Pilot sunglasses

Ray-Ban Round blue glasses

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