Improving the quality of life of people with AMD

AMD , age-related degeneration , is a visual disease which affects more than one million French people, it is one of the leading causes of visual impairment in people over 60. This is irreversible, it is due to age but also to tobacco and blue light released by the screens of computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.
New solutions are available to us. Indeed, researchers from the University of San Diego and the Ecole polytechnique de Lausanne have developed a lens which, combined with a pair of 3D glasses , allows the patient to have a telescopic view. Through it he could see details up to 3 times bigger .

Zoom lenses

These lenses actually have two fields of vision . One magnified and the other is normal, when the wearer blinks his right eye, the lenses will begin to zoom, when he blinks his left eye, vision returns to normal. It is the coupling of two lenses that allows it to work in this way.
This innovative technology would allow many people to regain a quality life thanks to a single device. Today these lenses are rigid and not very comfortable, but researchers are working on a flexible lens, which allows air to pass through and is therefore more comfortable to wear.

An operation to fight AMD

Another solution exists for people with AMD: a surgical operation to graft a mini telescope into their eyes. Inserted in place of the lens, it helps to gain vision thanks to its magnifying properties. Additional hope for subjects with low vision and their loved ones.