If you wear reading glasses , you know that they are indispensable in your daily life. Without realizing it, we often need our glasses and are regularly looking for them!

Here are 10 banal uses that make them irreplaceable!

1/ Order at the restaurant:

You are in your favorite restaurant whose light is dimmed, it is then complex to decipher the menu; don't forget to slip a pair of reading glasses into your bag or pocket, so you'll be more relaxed with your friends.

2/ Last minute sewing:

You get ready and you lose a button, the hem of your pants is torn… your close-up glasses are essential for threading your needle, sewing…

3/ Gardening:

You take advantage of your free time to garden, tinker outside... don't forget your presbyopia protective glasses , safety glasses they will protect your eyes from dust, leaves and also UV rays and will offer you great comfort proximity vision.

4/ Watch a movie:

At home, you want to watch a play, a film, a report on your computer... your screen is halfway up, ie 80 cm; With your proximity glasses fitted with degressive depth-of-field lenses, you will see just as well at 40 cm as at 1 m.

5/ Shopping:

You are doing the sales or your shopping in supermarkets, how can you do without your proximity glasses to see the prices, the food labels... almost impossible with progressive lenses for items at height!

6/ Games:

Online games, board games, Sudoku or crosswords the reading glasses will help you to be sharp and to title the best of you.

7/ Cooking:

You are greedy and like to cook; proximity glasses are your best ally. They allow you to read your recipes with confidence on books or tablets and offer you a clear view at arm's length for cutting, mixing, kneading.

8/ Stay connected with friends:

Whether you use e-mail, SMS or paper mail, your reading glasses will allow you to stay in touch and write correctly without typos.

9/ Traveling:

You are going on a long trip, take several pairs of reading glasses with you, whether on the train, the plane or on the spot, reading glasses are vital. consider space-saving foldable reading glasses !

10/ Read:

The primary purpose of close-up glasses remains reading; simply to read a magazine, a novel or an essay you can choose elegant reading glasses for indoors but also solar reading glasses for reading outside in the sun.