A perfectly clear vision for close and proximity activities!

Varionet proximity lenses are intended for presbyopia, ie people over 40 years old. These glasses have 2 advantages:

  • perfectly clear and sharp near vision
  • a wide and deep intermediate vision zone (up to 3 meters).

Each presbyopic wearer will thus benefit from excellent visual comfort in all activities at short and medium distance: reading, screen, precision work, meetings, etc. These lenses are an excellent alternative to progressive lenses or magnifying glasses for presbyopia.

Adapting to proximity lenses, is it easy?

This question is very common; indeed many wearers are worried and dread the adaptation thinking that it is the same as that of progressive lenses. However, proximity lenses or digressive lenses are easy to adapt. Degressive glasses allow you not only to exchange with your interlocutor but also to read a document or look at your PC screen without taking off or looking over your glasses. That's why they are very popular in the office, whether you're behind your computer or meeting with colleagues or at home when cooking.

Varionet proximity glasses for presbyopia

Varionet opticians have developed a range of proximity lenses suitable for all activities and all near vision distances. These innovative technology lenses offer the wearer a wide near and intermediate field of vision with a large area of ​​clear vision (little distortion). It allows very quick adaptation and ensures clear and effortless vision up to 1 meter and more depending on the correction. Three lens options are available, to choose from according to your needs:

  • Hardened white glasses for extra work , DIY...
  • Hardened blue-blocking white lenses for screen work, indoors...
  • Cat.3 sunglasses for reading in the sun, gardening...
Your Varionet consulting optician is at your disposal to study your needs and provide you with a personalized optical solution.