With the Covid-19 pandemic and the wearing of the mandatory mask, you have certainly seen multitudes of tips to prevent your glasses from fogging up. Some more surprising or effective than others. This is the case of the Varionet anti-fog microfiber ! However, there are other situations where this anti-fog wipe could do you a favor…

  • DIY

Handyman or Sunday handywoman, do you have fog forming on your goggles ? An anti-fog microfiber avoids this problem and allows you to tinker with peace of mind.

  • Motorcycle, photography, diving, skiing

If you travel on a motorcycle , it is essential for you to have clear and unobstructed vision. Applicable on the surfaces you use every day, the anti-fog wipe is the ideal solution for your motorcycle rides, your dives at sea or to prevent your camera lens from fogging up! Also plan your skiing trips without the risk of fogging up your ski goggles !

  • Customer satisfaction

Available in three formats ( XXL PRO 30x30 cm, 900 uses ; 15x18 cm, 300 uses ; 15x18 cm, 200 uses), Varionet anti-fog cloths adapt to your specific needs and you let us know :

"Very effective wipe, the best on the market, because having tested several, this is the best, no more fogging with the mask, plus I work in cold stores and there, it's the same you go out from the fridge temperature shock +4°C to +20°C no fogging either very effective wipe !!!!!! »

“Impressive, super skeptical to purchase the product. I tested this morning in extreme conditions mask and ice rink. And not an ounce of fog. Really great product. »

“Sceptical before buying it, I was won over by this wipe, which is very effective against fogging when wearing a goggle with glasses and also when skiing.
Very satisfied with my purchase "

  • Respectful of your health

“I would like to know if there are perfluoroalkyl or similar substances in your high performance wipes that could be a problem for old fragile eyes”

Varionet anti-fog wipes are PFOA-free , a substance that is harmful to the eyes in particular, and meet REACH requirements, because preventing glasses from fogging should not come at the cost of your health ! What is not guaranteed by other similar wipes on the market:

Comparison of anti-fog wipes on the market

Find the microfiber that suits you at your varionet.com online optician .