Take care of your vision

Just like his body, it is important to take care of his eyes . Indeed for this you need a healthy lifestyle with a healthy and balanced diet as well as a ophthalmological examination every two years . For people over 40, it is important to wear presbyopic glasses in order to find a visual comfort and clear vision .

The right foods

For the retina and what makes it up to work properly, it is important to consume vitamin A. Indeed we notice that people who consume little have poor vision (mainly at night). Where can I find vitamin A? Well in egg yolk for example and even butter.
The combination of ACE vitamins protects the eyes from cataracts and AMD. These vitamins are found in fruits such as kiwi or peppers and even in oil and butter.

Ophthalmological examination

The ophthalmological examination is a vision assessment . Indeed during this one the ophthalmologist will examine the bottom of the eye, it will have to take into account the modifications related to the growth and the practices of hygiene specific to each individual. Examinations make it possible to detect diseases, to treat them, to correct them and to cure them. This is why it is very important to do one every two years and in children every year .

Visual Aids

As a visual aid we can speak presbyopia glasses which, thanks to their proximity lenses, allow you to see up close when reading and at mid-distance for screen work.

To protect your sight and eyes and maintain your visual comfort, it is important to wear anti-blue light glasses during long hours spent in front of computers, TV, smartphones... just like sunglasses for driving, outdoor activities during strong sunlight.