Presbyopia, reading problems

Are you over 40, and perhaps you have noticed that when you read a newspaper, a book, a menu or your phone, you have some difficulty seeing letters and different characters clearly? This is due to the appearance of a vision disorder . More precisely presbyopia !

To be sure, it's very simple! The most obvious method of review is simply to read something very closely. Take, for example, a medication leaflet to understand whether you have presbyopia or another visual problem . In the case of presbyopia, to see the acronyms clearly, it will be necessary to move the text away from the eyes with your arms: only in this way will you understand the meaning and the typical symptoms of presbyopia. To remedy this, the most immediate solution is to use a pair of presbyopia glasses or reading glasses. Reading glasses or magnifying glasses are to be used precisely when it is necessary to visualize writing correctly.

But what are the causes of this problem?

Over the years, the lens (a small lens-shaped organ located inside the eye behind the cornea) loses its typical elasticity and becomes more rigid. This phenomenon prevents the eye from properly focusing the letters, focusing up close gradually becomes impossible . This can progress, or even get worse for some, up to the age of 60.


As you can imagine, there is no miracle cure or exercises that can prevent the appearance of this visual disturbance. The main care for presbyopia is the use of a pair of near glasses for presbyopia in order to offer maximum comfort when reading a magazine or a book. So, a bit like in the case of myopia or astigmatism, it will be essential to invest in reading glasses so as not to tire your eyes. For those who are looking for a permanent solution, they can resort to laser surgery. Also regarding the expense to eliminate presbyopia with the laser, it is not very cheap because in fact we are talking about 2000-3000 € on average per eye.


Varionet is a brand specializing in near vision glasses, the most competitive on the market, which allow you to remedy one of the vision problems considered among the most annoying after the age of 50. Varionet presbyopia glasses are equipped with our multi-distance lenses and make it possible to read from 30 cm to more than one meter. At the same time, Varionet glasses reduce blue light damage with Cool blue anti-blue light anti-reflective coating. Light to which we are exposed every day with electronic devices and smartphones. This way you will have in your hands glasses with lenses for presbyopia and against blue light perfect to protect your eyesight and provide good sleep (blue light, in fact, also affects this). Finally, don't forget that with Varionet you can choose the frame you prefer, so you can always be fashionable with a pair of solid and resistant glasses.

These glasses are to be used exclusively for close-up work; under no circumstances should they be worn for distance vision activities such as driving, for example.