To preserve your visual health

Sight is important and none of us want to lose it!

Yet we don't take the necessary steps to take care of our eyes, prevent eye injuries, or treat eye diseases and genes that can affect our vision.

good food for good eyesight

Good habits and personal commitment are the keys to preserving this precious sense. Raising awareness by educating everyone (children, employees, athletes, handymen, etc.) is the way to protect the eyes by becoming aware of the various daily threats. These are diverse and varied: the danger of exposure to the sun, sports injuries, splashes at work, digital eye strain linked to exposure to blue light, etc.

By taking care of his eyes and your vision, you are also taking care of yourself and your general health. During a complete eye exam, the ophthalmologist can detect signs of certain diseases, even undeclared ones, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, tumours, multiple sclerosis, etc.

Some suggestions for maintaining healthy eyesight:

  • Physical exercise : an active lifestyle and a healthy diet to help avoid being overweight and reduce the inflammation process in the body which, like obesity, can be linked to certain eye diseases.
  • A balanced diet : several research programs have shown that people who do not eat enough fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. have a greater chance of developing cataracts . Like green vegetables, foods rich in omega-3 (fatty fish, oilseeds, etc.) can prevent vision problems.
  • Avoid tobacco : even passive, smoking has a link with age-related degeneration, twice the risk!
  • Wear protective glasses adapted to your eyesight for work, DIY, sports, etc.
  • Wear blue light blocking glasses to reduce the toxic effects of blue light
  • Wear glasses or over-glasses during your outings