Stress at work, repercussions on the body

More than one in five European employees report suffering from health problems related to stress at work . Unfortunately, this phenomenon does not spare any field of activity, it is found in small businesses as well as in multinationals . Stress alone accounts for 55% of absenteeism at work in Europe and it causes many inconveniences to companies.

The effects of stress on vision

It is important to note that what affects the body necessarily affects visual function. The first psychological changes in the body during stress lead to:

- A narrowing of the visual body

- Dilation of the pupils

- Immobilization of the gaze

- An increase in accommodation


Other stress-related health problems

In addition to affecting vision, stress has real repercussions on the whole body:

- Hypertension

- Heart disease

- Depression

- Alcoholism

- Substance addiction

5 tips to reduce stress at work

- Transform your anger into something positive: “Office rage”

- Take the air at least once every 3 hours

- Get up from your chair at least once an hour (walk in the corridors, go around your office, get a glass of water, etc.)

- Take coffee breaks and chat with colleagues twice a day outside the lunch break

- Separate professional and personal life

If you work in front of screens, also consider opting for a pair of “Cool Blue” anti-blue light glasses . Such equipment will protect your sight from the negative effects of harmful artificial blue light and reduce the risk of stress, depression and various ailments (headache, back pain, stiff neck).