Electronic glasses for presbyopia

electronic glasses

New lenses are revolutionizing the world of optics and give hope of visual comfort to all presbyopes . This is an electronic lens that can replace progressive and multifocal lenses thanks to liquid crystals integrated into the lower part of the lens. They will be able to manage the refraction of light according to the needs or situations of the individual who wears them.

Features of electronic glasses for presbyopia

The electronic lens will adapt to the most suitable correction of the patient with a big strong point, the lens will not distort the environment unlike progressive lenses.
This new generation lens will therefore allow all presbyopes to regain perfectly clear vision adapted to each individual by reducing the risk of discomfort, deformation of the environment and optical aberrations, a great feat of technology.

How it works ?

The patient will have to touch the edge of his frame to activate the liquid crystals so that the lenses focus in near vision. Regarding the mount, it will have a battery with a range of 2 to 3 days. It will therefore be necessary to think of charging it to be able to use them. Today there are already a few examples of "PixelOptics" glasses. The price of these glasses is around 800 euros.

Varionet proximity glasses

Varionet also offers glasses for revolutionary presbyopes , these are proximity glasses. Indeed, thanks to the lenses developed by MAVU opticians, it is now possible to find clear vision up close but also at an intermediate distance, unlike the classic reading glasses found in pharmacies. An effective alternative at a lower cost .