Sleep is one of the essential activities of our existence; whether physically or psychically we need it for a serene and balanced daily life.

Modern life is more and more dynamic, activities are multiplying and very often we postpone bedtime to go out, read, work, watch television...

When we spend our evenings watching television, our tablets or smartphones, our computer screens, our body absorbs a large amount of blue light .

The blue light emitted by all these devices is harmful for various reasons.

It acts as a stimulant by stimulating us and increasing our attention span during the day and at the end of the afternoon. The artificial blue light thus absorbed can have a negative effect on our circadian rhythm, our biological clock.

When night falls, our brain naturally produces a natural chemical “ melatonin ” which signals to our body that it is almost time to sleep. Studies have shown that short wavelengths of artificial blue light (emitted by LEDs for example) inhibit melatonin production . This is why we have trouble falling asleep or experience insomnia.

In order to significantly reduce these inconveniences while continuing to use modern technologies, there is a simple and elegant way: blue light blocking glasses .

These glasses are equipped with specific cool blue lenses, presbyopia glasses or glasses without correction for the youngest, they are designed to block UV and blue light emissions from LEDs, computers, telephones...

Sweet dreams with your Cool blue sunglasses