The American company Enchroma develops glasses for color blind people

Today we count more than 300 million, the number of color blind people in the world . Color blindness is an inherited mutation carried by the X chromosome and mainly affects men. In effect 8% of the male population is reached against 0.45% in women . The Enchroma company has developed the first pair of glasses for color blind people, revolutionary glasses due to chance .

Several types of color blindness

There are several types of color blindness ;
- The deuteranopia which allows you to see blue and red but not green, this is the most common mutation
- The protanopia , which alters red but not green or blue
- The tritanopia which is very rare and only allows the vision of red and green
Glasses will be able to improve the quality of life only for the two main forms of mutation (deuteranopia, protanopia).

example of color blindness

Colorblind people will see colors for the first time

The glasses of the American company Enchroma will allow separate the different wavelengths that correspond to each color. They will also enhance the colors which will correct the perception of colors in color blind people. Revolutionary glasses that can improve the comfort of life for many people. To acquire a pair of glasses, it will cost $400, i.e. 365 euros approximately.

Glasses born by chance

The invention of these amazing glasses is born of pure chance . Indeed, the Professor Don McPherson is working at this time on protective glasses for laser surgery. Only, when he wears them, he realizes that his perception of colors changes. Subsequently, he embarked on research and study of this phenomenon in order to develop glasses to improve the vision of color blind people.

Color blindness and blue light

Although some color blind people cannot perceive the color blue, they are not immune to the harmful effects of artificial blue light from screens . Long hours spent in front of computer screens, televisions, tablets and mobile phones can lead to eyestrain and even accelerate AMD (loss of central vision).

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