The Christmas holidays are fast approaching… Short of gift ideas?

Why not offer your loved ones, or yourself, a pair of glasses ?

Plus, if you order before Tuesday, December 20, delivery is guaranteed before Christmas !*

For the youngest children , in addition to their PS4 game, XBox … a pair of Cool Blue+ glasses. These are new technology glasses : these glasses without correction filter 100% of UV rays and up to 90% of harmful blue light thanks to an innovative material. They offer optimal protection without distorting the colors allowing you to play for hours in complete safety.

Examples of gift associations for Girls and Boys :

For geeks , gamers or simply all screen users, with their new laptop, tablet or computer, a pair of rest glasses. These glasses are equipped with anti-fatigue lenses that not only relieve accommodative effort at close range but also protect against the blue light emitted by the various screens and LEDs .

For small budgets, we offer sunglasses in the look of the Ray-Ban New Wayfarer :

or branded rest glasses :

For snow fans

Offer category 3 polarized sunglasses with a mirror coating for long-term protected eyes . Indispensable in the mountains , polarized sunglasses protect you from glare and reverberation while preventing conjunctivitis , uveitis , cataracts in the longer term. Here is a selection of ultra-trendy , easy-to-wear models.

Their little extra : their featherweight and curved temples that allow you to keep them around your neck.

*delivery is guaranteed before Christmas for deliveries in metropolitan France and subject to the smooth running of the delivery by the carrier.