Orthokeratology: Night lenses only


Corneal remodeling or Orthokeratology is an alternative to surgery for people with mild and moderate myopia and/or astigmatism . This practice is still uncommon in France but very widespread in Asian countries and even in the United States. Indeed, this one has already proven itself, it consists in reshaping the cornea via semi-rigid contact lenses which are worn only at night and which allow the patient to regain clear vision without equipment upon waking and throughout the day. .
However, it is essential to contact an ophthalmologist-contactologist trained in Orthokeratology to find out if your case is suitable for treatment.

How does corneal remodeling work?

Corneal remodeling consists of wearing semi-rigid lenses that have a particular shape during the night. By pressing on the cornea , they make it possible to correct vision without modifying the deeper cell layers. To benefit from this treatment, it is necessary that the sight is stabilized but there is no minimum age. However, it is mandatory to have good hygiene to avoid the risk of infection and irritation.

The risks of Orthokeratology

Like any treatment, there are several more or less dangerous risks:
- The lens can move during the night which would disturb the view the next day
 Eye infections and irritations if hygiene is not impeccable
 Have poor eyesight at night if the patient has to get up urgently (to take care of a baby, for example).

In order to avoid any problem, it is important to be followed by an ophthalmologist trained in Orthokeratology .