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Protect yourself from eye allergies!

Spring is coming and with it beautiful flowers! these make the eyes happy for some but for others they are synonymous with eye irritation, dryness or allergies.

  • What is an eye allergy?

eye allergy is a abnormal reaction happening at eye level. When in contact with an often foreign substance.

How do I know if I have a visual problem? Take the test!

Undetected visual fault: Many of us have a visual problem even sometimes without realizing it! For some, this visual deficit may be slight and following daily activities barely noticeable. On...

Finding a job with glasses

Wear glasses during a job interview According to a study reported in the DailyMail , Wearing glasses during a job interview would increase the chances of getting the job . In fact,...
Les aliments bons pour votre vue !

Foods that are good for your eyesight!

Good food for good eyesight! We think of paying attention to what we eat to improve nail growth or to have shiny and healthy hair, but our eyes are often...

Correct myopia

Myopia is a visual defect affecting the world's population . With the development of technologies, our lifestyles are changing and have direct consequences on our eyesight. It is scientifically proven that modern tools are linked to the early development and rapid progression of myopia. This is why vision professionals advise limiting screen use and regularly looking into the distance.

The harmful effects of light

Some beneficial effects of light such as vision of shapes, vision of colors… are well known to everyone and obvious. Others like the biological clock, the action on the psyche are less so and benefit from advances in medical research.
Tirer un feu d'artifice... tout en sécurité

Shoot a firework... safely

Do you want to take part in the July 14 festivities by setting off fireworks or firecrackers? Don't overlook a few easy-to-apply security measures . Indeed each year at this...

The aging of the eye

The aging of the eye, a subject that concerns us all! Our tissues and organs age . Unfortunately, the eye does not escape this harsh reality. Today it is important to protect...

PIXIUM VISION: restoring sight, restoring life

Pixium Vision, the Iris project comes to fruition A young French company, Pixium Vision has been bringing new perspectives to the visually impaired or blind for several years; indeed it...

Corneal modeling

Orthokeratology: Night lenses only Corneal remodeling or Orthokeratology is an alternative to surgery for people with mild and moderate myopia and/or astigmatism . This practice is still uncommon in France but very widespread...

The third eye

" Never two without three " binocular vision of man is one of the most perfected in the animal world. Yet the 2-eye system may not have always guided human sight....


The presence of a foreign body in the eye is a common thing. Whether walking, cycling, playing sports or simply shopping our eyes are exposed to dust and many other particles that can end up crossing the natural barrier of eyelashes and eyelids For irritate the eye .

This is why according to our activities it is necessary to wear sunglasses or some Protective glasses as a preventive measure.