Myopia is a visual defect affecting the world's population. With the development of technologies, our lifestyles are changing and have direct consequences on our eyesight. It is scientifically proven that modern tools are linked to the early development and rapid progression of myopia. This is why vision professionals advise limiting screen use and regularly looking into the distance.

Myopia can be corrected in different ways:

  • By corrective glasses : the correction is made by concave or divergent lenses. The power of the eye is diminished so that the image of the object being viewed is formed on the retina.
    It is a lens that is thick at the edge and thin at the center and all the thicker as the correction is important. There are now thinned lenses that allow many nearsighted people to choose rimless (rimless) or nylor (with a wire that holds the lens) glasses. But according to its degree of correction, it remains advantageous to prefer small frames in order to gnaw during grinding the thickness of the glass or to take acetate glasses a little thick to camouflage the glass.
  • By contact lenses : all lenses correct myopia, rigid, flexible, monthly or daily disposable. The choice will be made according to your general condition, the parameters of your eyes (quantity and quality of tears, radius of curvature, healthy cornea and eyelids, etc.) with your ophthalmologist or optician-optometrist. Wearing contact lenses cannot be permanent, so glasses remain essential.
  • By a surgical operation : refractive surgery carried out by an ophthalmologist makes it possible to correct myopia by planing the cornea most often with a laser so that the image is formed on the retina and further in front of it. This quick and painless operation has been practiced for about thirty years on stabilized myopia. Eyesight is rapidly improved.

No medical treatment can reduce or limit this phenomenon.
After 40 years , the presbyopia happens and the myopic takes off his glasses to see well up close; in some with the densification of the lens, myopia "regresses".

Warning: the myopic eye is more sensitive . It is imperative to wear category 3 or 4 sunglasses depending on the activity, even with contact lenses.