Are you one of those who spend a lot of time in front of a computer? Is your work related to screens? And you regularly have the feeling of having dry eyes.

The " dry eye syndrome " is one of the immediate consequences of the daily activity that our eyes provide. We spend many hours in front of these digital devices whose screens cause dry eyes that make us feel uncomfortable.

The origin of such a syndrome lies in the lack of moisture on the surface of the eye and this for various reasons:

  • The decrease in blinking
  • The constant visual effort of concentration made during in-depth reading
  • The environment : heated or air-conditioned office…
  • blue light emissions

There are many symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome:

  • blurred vision
  • Burning sensation, itching
  • red eyes
  • A feeling of having sand in the eyes
  • A feeling of dazzle

A simple way to combat dry eyes and eye irritation is hydration using artificial tears (physiological serum) or lubricating drops prescribed by the doctor. Both are applied to the surface of the eye.

To better understand these symptoms, we recommend that you practice the famous rule of 3 “20s”: after 20 minutes of eye work in front of a screen, 20 seconds of rest are essential. So every 20 min, look 20 s outside at 20 m to relax your eyes and eye muscles.

In recent years, scientific progress has made it possible to reduce these side effects thanks to computer glasses; these are anti-blue light glasses that protect your eyes from UV radiation and blue light emitted by the sun, LEDs and screens.