Whether you are a player with a console or on your PC, you must spend long hours staring at your screen(s)! This can be harmful not only for your vision capital but can also decrease your performance during video games.

anti-light glasses for gamers

This is why Varionet offers you anti-fatigue and anti-blue light gaming glasses , the Cool blue glasses .

Why gaming glasses?

For the past few years, all PC, TV and smartphone screens have been emitting harmful blue light in large quantities. It is called HEV: high visible energy. A long and large exposure to this light causes more or less serious effects:

  • A disruption of the biological clock with difficulty falling asleep
  • Concentration problems
  • eyestrain
  • Headaches
  • An increased risk of developing AMD

Young people spend on average between 6-8 hours a day in front of screens to play, watch movies... the eyes and the body are then confronted with a strong dose of artificial blue light.

Just as we wear sunglasses to protect us from UV rays and glare in good weather; it is necessary to wear anti-blue light glasses in front of the screens.

The effects of anti-blue light gaming glasses?

Cool Blue glasses are anti-fatigue and anti-blue light gaming glasses in effect:

  • they have a minimal universal correction which relieves the effort naturally made by the eye in proximity vision, hence their name anti-fatigue glasses.
  • they are equipped with an anti-reflective treatment which reduces glare.
  • they have a blue light filter that absorbs UV and harmful blue light.

With its anti-blue light glasses, the sensations of sand, dry eyes, headaches, visual fatigue…. will decrease and you will regain comfort and efficiency when playing your favorite video games.

So you can play, work in peace!