Glasses in the cinema are an integral part of the hero who wears them ! They represent his personality and they even sometimes become “must-haves” that the world snaps up. Passing by Matrix, Harry Potter, Top Gun, The Blues Brothers without forgetting Fight Club, Men in Black and Léon, their glasses have made the heroes of these films true legends!

Round glasses like Harry Potter

Harry Potter and his round glasses, what a story! He brought this model up to date and as soon as the first film was released, many little boys wanted to have the same pair as their favorite hero! On Varionet you will find a similar model, a pair of round metal glasses from the Gant brand at €89.90 .

You can opt for "Cool Blue" anti-blue light glasses without correction or presbyopia anti-blue light glasses or presbyopia glasses according to your age and your desires!

Top Gun pilot goggles

Ask Tom Cruise how you can do without a pair of pilots! He will tell you that it is obviously impossible! That's why Varionet offers you an ultra vintage Ray-Ban “Cockpit” model for just €99.00. Treat yourself and take advantage of our “satisfied or refunded within 30 days” service.

Sunglasses à la Men in Black

Do you want to look like Will Smith and fight the ugly aliens with your sunglasses? Find on Varionet a pair of Foreign Legion sunglasses in black acetate and equipped with polarized lenses at only €69.00! You can also opt for “Cool Blue” computer lenses that filter out harmful artificial blue light.

Blues Brothers style sunglasses


You like to sing, dance, be cool! Wear the "cult" Ray-ban Wayfarer black or tortoiseshell sunglasses like the Blues Brothers. You find them too inclined or too big in this case, choose the Ray-ban New Wayfarer with a softer and more current shape. For fans of these models, these frames also exist in anti-blue light glasses .

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