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The heatwave explained by Varionet

What is the heatwave?

A heat wave is defined as a level of very high heat during the day and night for at least three consecutive days . The definition of a heat wave is therefore based on two parameters: heat and duration.

What are the risks associated with the heat wave?

If you are exposed to high heat for too long you risk severe fatigue , dehydration or heat stroke , see hyperthermia .

The most fragile people and those most exposed to heat are particularly at risk .

Vuarnet and sunglasses: a long story!

The famous brand of glasses Vuarnet was not born from the last rain! She has a long and beautiful story behind her and it is far from over. Vuarnet was created in the 1950s under the impetus of its creator Roger Pouilloux .

Protect yourself from the sun in the mountains in winter

The snow is here and many of you go on winter sports to enjoy the fresh mountain air. In our suitcases we put warm clothes, ski equipment, sunscreen and often we forget that it is also very important to protect our eyes .

  • Optimal eye protection:

5 good reasons to choose Solano clip-on glasses

Why Solano clip-on reading glasses?

THE reading glasses Or proximity glasses equipped with a clip-on are the optimal and multifunctional solution for modern living. Indeed with them, it is easy to go from inside to outside quickly and comfortably. After spending several hours working in front of your pc, do you want to read a magazine on your deck chair? Nothing could be simpler: add your polarizing clip and let's go for a moment of relaxation...

Pantone trend color of the year 2020

On December 5, the world reference for colorimetry PANTONE announced in an Instagram post the trendy color of the year 2020.

Classic Blue, the new trendy color of 2020

After the Living Coral in 2019, the Classic Blue is the color of the year 2020. This midnight blue color is already very popular on social networks and interior magazines. The color is: Pantone 19-4052.

Order your solar reading glasses from home!

Why order your solar reading glasses on the internet? More than 3/4 of Internet users make purchases online: books, clothes, shoes, gifts, weekly provisions... So why not buy your glasses...

Summer vacation: don't forget your reading glasses

To disconnect well with a good book in the sun and beautiful solar reading glasses? Summer is well established and for August vacationers, reading sunglasses are the essential accessory not...