heatwave 2019

What is the heat wave?

A heat wave is defined as a level of very high heat during the day and night for at least three consecutive days . The definition of a heat wave is therefore based on two parameters: heat and duration.

What are the risks associated with the heat wave?

If you If you are exposed to high heat for too long, you risk severe fatigue , dehydration or heat stroke , or even hyperthermia .

The most fragile people and those most exposed to heat are particularly at risk . People over 65 sweat little and find it more difficult to maintain their body temperature at 37°, they are more at risk of hypothermia. Conversely , children sweat a lot to maintain their temperature, and they then risk dehydration. Finally, pregnant women must be very vigilant and take care of themselves.

heat wave prevention

What are the recommendations to follow?

Simple gestures make it possible to avoid accidents . You have to anticipate and not wait to feel bad to act.

  • drink water regularly
  • refresh yourself
  • eat cold
  • don't drink alcohol
  • avoid going out between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., stay cool
  • avoid physical exertion
  • keep your home cool
  • bring a fogger and a fan
  • consult and get information on weather forecast France

What are the risks for my eyes during the heat wave?

hot conjunctivitis

The eyes are an extremely sensitive part and they need your attention during this heat wave.

  • Your eyes are made up of 98% water, in the event of a heat wave they risk being dried out . You will then feel a great visual fatigue , headaches, the feeling of having dry eyes like sand in the eyes...
  • Pollution increases during a heat wave (due to stagnant air), so your eyes are more susceptible to infection .
  • Beware of allergies , dehydrated eyes are even more sensitive.
  • Conjunctivitis is on the rise during the heat wave: red, dry and itchy eyes are all recognizable signs of this infection. Be careful, it's contagious! Consult your doctor especially in this period of Covid-19 and others.
  • Fans and air conditioning will cool you down, but be careful, they also speed up dry eyes .
  • For contact lens wearers, the drying will be even more important, take a break so as not to wear your lenses too much.

eye hydration serum

What solutions to take care of your eyes during a heat wave?

You can :

  • use saline drops to moisturize your eyes
  • sleep well to rest your eyes
  • drink at least 8 glasses of water a day
  • you pass cold water over your face and eyes regularly
  • sun reading glasses or outdoor sunglasses with 100% UV protection

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