Why Solano clip-on reading glasses?

Reading glasses or proximity glasses equipped with a clip-on are the optimal and multifunctional solution for modern life. Indeed with them, it is easy to go from inside to outside quickly and comfortably. After spending several hours working in front of your pc, do you want to read a magazine on your deck chair? Nothing could be simpler: add your polarizing clip and let's go for a moment of relaxation...

reading glasses with polarized clip

Here are 5 reasons to opt for Solano clip-on glasses :

  1. Their material: these glasses and their clip are made of ULTEM , an ultra- light thermoplastic resin. This material also has the advantage of being ecological and hypoallergenic .
  2. Glasses equipped with a magnetic solar clip which adapts very easily to the glasses thanks to magnets positioned close to the temples. The clip holds very well and is easy to remove.
  3. The solar clip is equipped with polarized category 3 lenses which protect you 100% from UV and blue light. The polarization of the lenses blocks reflections and reverberation so that these clip-on glasses provide you with sensational visual comfort while reducing visual fatigue.
  4. Some solar clips are minus a Flash Mirror treatment . Perfect for hiding your eyes, it also offers you a fashionable and trendy look. Another advantage of mirror treatment is that it reduces the amount of light that enters the eye and thus provides better UV protection while improving visibility and contrast.
  5. Glasses delivered with a soft case and a pouch for the clip; easy to slip into a pocket and above all practical so as not to misplace your clip!