Wearing a mask becomes compulsory in France
On Thursday July 16, 2020, our Prime Minister Jean Castex confirms Emmanuel Macron's previous announcement requiring the wearing of a mask in all closed public establishments. Nevertheless, this obligation initially scheduled for August 1, 2020, was brought forward to Monday July 20 due to a general relaxation of the population of barrier measures following weak signs of resumption of the epidemic.
Masks or visors?
Given the high summer heat, many are wondering if the visor , which offers breathing convenience superior to the mask, could replace it.
First of all, the visor is equipment intended for the protection of the eyes and the face and not for respiratory protection . Indeed, the visor perfectly protects the entire face from droplets emitted by a person nearby, which can be projected up to 1.80m. According to the Office of Public Health, particles can remain suspended in the air for several minutes. So as the National Institute for Research and Security asserts, visors "do not have the effectiveness of breathing protection masks.
Why not choose visor masks?
On Varionet , we offer visor masks : this is a fabric mask that can be reused 30 times on which you can clip a rhodoïd visor.
All our respiratory protection masks are equipped with an anti-bacterial barrier and are an effective, economical and ecological solution. Washable masks with removable visor are a perfect alternative to stay protected and without forgetting to protect others.