Spring is coming and with it beautiful and pretty flowers! These are a delight to the eyes of some but for others they are synonymous with irritation, dryness or eye allergies.

  • What is an eye allergy?

Ocular allergy is an abnormal reaction that occurs in the eye. When in contact with an often foreign substance. This is an excessive reaction so much so that we speak of "hyper sensitivity" but be careful, it is only a temporary allergy which generally occurs in the spring.

  • What causes this allergy?

The most frequent cases are due to pollen ; this is why the allergic phenomenon is triggered in spring because the flowers and trees bloom.

Spring cleaning

  • What are the signs of this allergy?

The signs of this allergy are:

- swollen eyes

- itchy eyes

- crying eyes

  • A few tips ...

- Close the windows in your home.

- Use humidifiers or air conditioners.

- Wash your hands regularly and dry them with a cloth towel.

- As soon as you get home, take a shower and change your clothes because pollen gets everywhere!

- Wear your prescription glasses or sunglasses to protect yourself from pollen or protective glasses with or without correction for people working outdoors.

- Do not go near parks and flower gardens (avoid flowering trees).

  • And for contact lens wearers?

If you wear contact lenses. It is very important to follow the cleaning instructions recommended by your optician to avoid all kinds of risks. In fact, an eye wearing lenses is more sensitive to redness and eye irritation .

- Alternate the use of lenses with prescription glasses .

- Wear sunglasses over your lenses as often as possible.

- Avoid TOUCHING or RUBKING your eyelids with your hands.

- Do not wear makeup in the eye.

- Do not wear lenses other than those prescribed to you by your optician.

- If your eyes are itchy, remove the lenses immediately.