Do you want to take part in the July 14 festivities by setting off fireworks or firecrackers? Don't overlook a few easy-to-apply security measures .

Indeed each year at this time, several explosion victims are received at the ophthalmological emergency room for ocular lesions which may be superficial but very painful. The most serious lesions can even create intraocular hemorrhages or severe contusion of the eyeball.

So what precautions should you take before setting off your own fireworks?

  • Make sure that the fireworks purchased bear the CE mark.
  • Make sure you have a clear space of at least 50m in diameter around the shooting area.
  • Plant the rockets well in the ground, do not put them in bottles .
  • Check that there are no electrical obstacles in the path of the projectiles.
  • Install your spectators at a sufficient safety distance.
  • Do not lean over explosives when firing and wearprotective eyewear .
  • If one of them does not work, do not try to turn it back on. Sprinkle it with water.
  • Never let children do the firing .

The Varionet team wishes you happy and safe summer festivities!