sight is life

protect your eyesight

80% of the information in our daily lives passes through our eyes, so it is necessary to protect them.
In order to take care of them, remember to use glasses;
- When there is sun (sea, mountain, city and car)
– When you do DIY (even on “Sundays”).
– If you have vision problems (myopia, presbyopia, etc.)

Protect your eyes when doing DIY with Varionet Safety goggles

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When you tinker, you can run into various risks that are in the worst case irremediable.
- When tinkering with mechanics, you can scratch your cornea (rusting iron filings…), or receive a projectile in your eyes causing more or less serious trauma.
 During chemical DIY, you can receive splashes of different products that can cause simple irritation or a more serious burn of the cornea.
- During thermal DIY, it is possible to burn your cornea and ocular annexes (eyelashes, eyelids, etc.) by heat and even by cold.
 When tinkering by spokes, you can cause irreversible damage to yourself because of the IR and UV rays.
In order to best anticipate these different risks, we have developed a pair of special DIY safety glasses: Varionet Safety. Our glasses are of optical class 0 and meet the solidity tests of the CE standard.
The eyes are protected and the field of vision is maximized thanks to Varionet degressive lenses , It is ideal for people with presbyopia over 40 years old .
The temples are adjustable in length and tilt for more comfort and the lenses are made of hardened polycarbonate to be scratched less easily and resist impacts. In addition to this the Varionet Safety are very light!

Eye protection and sun glasses

For double protection there are Varionet Safety sunglasses: Protection from UV and glare as well as shocks.
You can choose your pair according to your diopter from +1 to +3.50 .