Brigitte-Fanny Cohen on TéléMatin , tells us about a study conducted by researchers from the American University of Northwestern which proves that the lights from our screens of smartphones, tablets and computers are harmful to the body . This radiation could even promote diabetes or obesity .

Several scientific reports had already mentioned the harmful effects of screens on sleep. With this new publication published in the scientific journal Plos One , our metabolism is targeted. According to the researchers , too early or late exposure to artificial light affects weight gain .

To achieve these results, two groups of people were exposed to these energy sources at different times of the day. And the result is clear: “ the earlier the exposure to light occurs in the day, the lower the body mass index of individuals is important ”.

Main responsible for weight gain, the " blue light ". It is produced by the ubiquitous diodes in our screens of smartphones, tablets, and computers, because they are small in size but strong in luminosity. Problem : they diffuse a large part of “ blue light ”, the most energetic and harmful part of light . Also according to the study, this light causes insulin resistance and glucose spikes , fat creation, weight gain and diabetes .

The researchers recommend exposing yourself to natural light as much as possible, at least between 20 and 30 minutes a day, between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m., coming out of the darkness slowly in the morning, and compensating for the sunset with moderate light. .

Don't forget to wear blue-light blocking glasses when facing any screen. These glasses considerably reduce the harmful effects of digital screens and prevent the symptoms mentioned above from appearing. The advantage of current glasses, they can be adapted to your sight.

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