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EURO 2016 started on June 10, 2016, last Friday! You must have watched the first games with your friends or family. Did you notice that your eyes were dry, red and irritated after the 90 minutes of the game? This is a visual discomfort caused by the harmful artificial blue light given off by digital screens ( including television ). Through this article we are going to give you some advice to be able to take full advantage of EURO 2016 without tiring your eyes!

Tips for watching EURO 2016 with visual comfort

  • Place your TV in a normally lit room;
  • Position your TV to avoid reflections and glare from lamps, windows or other light sources;
  • Your screen should be at eye level or slightly lower to avoid straining the vertical muscles of the eye;
  • Look regularly and quickly outwards or as far away as possible to avoid the effort of staring at the screen for too long;
  • Don't forget to blink and massage the contours of your eyes;
  • Protect your eyes with cool blue gear.

The " Cool Blue " anti-harmful blue light glasses are restful glasses designed for people aged 18 to 40 without visual defects and suffering from visual fatigue. These comfort or rest glasses are equipped with an anti-harmful blue light treatment which allows you to enjoy the different matches while being protected! Thanks to our equipment you will gain in contrast, sharpness and above all in comfort , it is the ideal solution to relieve your eyes: you will be able to watch all the EURO 2016 matches in peace!

protect yourself from blue light from connected screens